I may write something mainstream, but this is my real self and I am not going to say things that will make anyone feel better. I consider that life is a rollercoaster which stimulates us to evolve and see it from different peaks, angles and perspectives. It is about being better, going out of your comfort zone. If you care about superficial stuff that you can find all over the internet, this is not the place where you will feel like you belong.
Here is my art, here is my story. These stories are only pictures of a normal life, but I promise that one day you will discover what is actually behind them. In my articles I use Romanian language because I can express myself better, but if I will have requests I will change this thing. Anyway, art is multilingual. I can’t write down my feelings because I don’t have enough words. I prefer to draw them; my art is a reflection of what I am living and what I am thinking.

If you are searching for your inner self, I will leave here a question that changed my perspective:
„What is that thing that you love doing that makes you forget to eat and poop?”

I should not forget to write my taped introduction of who I professionally am.
I am living my twenties, I study Automation and System Engineering at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Sad enough, but funny on the other hand. Lovely to play with this paradox of learning tech stuff and doing arts. Otherwise, how would I feel like I am fully living this madness called life?

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